GPS Race Maps


Here are the boards over the bog leading up to Ingleborough.  This picture was taken with Ingleborough behind me, so you run towards the camera.

Here is the first steep climb up Ingleborough.  Note the path snaking up the mountain to the left of the straight wall. It was -4 degrees this February day.

This picture shows the steps at the start of the ascent up Ingleborough, closer than the previous picture and on a warmer day.  Note the dry stone wall on the right, a typical feature locally. As you ascend the steps get much bigger and further apart, like land of the giants.  There is stream at the top if you are thirsty.  

Here is where the path flattens a little part way up Ingleborough.  Thats me plodding upwards.

This is the rough path on the final ascent.

And this is the final steep part, before the path flattens out to the top onto rough stuff (shown further down this page)

Here are the stones at the very top 


And this is the rough stuff you run over on the way down (and up)



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