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Bury Cross Country, Chesham Fields, Red Rose League

17th November 2007

This is a relatively flat, fast and, I must say boring course.  The men do 5 laps around the fields (5.9 miles) and the women do 3 (3.6 miles).  The event is very well attended and even has a mobile steak bar.  Toilet facilities are distant so the trees are a better bet.  Watch yourself on the small stream jump - its caught a few out.  Very well organised and run.  

  Advertised Statistics Measured Statistics
Distance N/A Men: 5.9 miles
Women: 3.6 miles
Total Climbs N/A Not much

Map & profile thanks to Andy McDougal, Rochdale Harriers & A.C. 

Men's course 5 laps:      



24 November 2007 Copyright (C) John Mayall 2007.